Digital Learning

Rural schools are poorly resourced - digital learning can help to close the gap.

In a context where there is no electricity, water or internet, having access to techology is hugely empowering.

Since 2017, we’ve given 130 tablets to rural schools and supported pupils and teachers with a digital learning mentor.

We use RACHEL to give students access to offline educational resources including Khan Academy Lite.

Digital learning is now a key part of Lyra’s model - creating safe accommodation and providing tablets to help students learn

We would love to give a set of 50 tablets to each of the seven schools we’re working closely with. Help us reach our target, by donating here

I’m really pleased that the teachers are loving the programme more and more. It was hard in the beginning when teachers didn’t understand how to use them. Now teachers say the students are answering exam questions much better because of the tablets. They love the new software Shule Direct because it is more closely linked to the Tanzanian curriculum.
— Neema Magembe, Digital Learning Mentor