Digital Learning

Rural schools have poor academic results, and maths is a particular problem.

In 2017, we trialled using tablets and RACHEL to help students' maths skills. 1,000 students had the chance to use tablets for the first time in their lives.  

By the end of the year, students confidently used the tablets. Girls staying in school dormitories had the best exposure. 

 Only  1 girl  and  2 boys  in every 10 passed maths at Form IV level in 2015

Only 1 girl and 2 boys in every 10 passed maths at Form IV level in 2015

We're extending digital learning to more schools where we have built dormitories, and deepening the impact through a radical training approach

There's still a long way to go! 

The tablets revealed the scale of the challenge in maths. Baseline understanding was very low: students struggled with basic calculations. Many students lacked the self-study skills to learn from the materials.

We now need to disrupt the rote-learning status quo. We have mobilised teachers who are pioneers and entrepreneurial thinkers and want to lead change. 

We're working in partnership with R-Labs to apply their radical entrepreneurship model to education.  

We would love to give more tablets to determined students like Sara, who are staying in dormitories built by Lyra. 

Learning how to access and understand global information is profoundly empowering. 

Your donations were doubled through The Big Give. Thanks for your support,  which is helping us provide more tablets, solar charging units and teacher training in 2018.