Celebrating the launch of Nyang'oro girls' hostel

It’s the first time in all my years of government service that I’ve seen an NGO doing such great work, it’s very good.
— Honourable William Lukuvi, MP and Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development

We are delighted to hear such praise for our work at the launch of the Nyang’oro hostel in November. The government welcomes investment in infrastructure and the Nyan’goro hostel is a beautiful example of innovation, sustainability and high quality construction.

On behalf of the girls and the Nyang’oro community, we say a heartfelt thank you to the Michael Matthews Foundation and Infinity Foundation for their generous support; to Hollmen Reuter Sandman architects for their stunning design, and to CCI for delivering the construction.

Providing safe accommodation is an investment in girls’ education - in girls’ dreams, their future and the prosperity of the whole community.

From 2019 we’re embarking on an ambitious plan to ensure that every secondary school in the region has a girls’ hostel - that’s 30 hostels to build. We know how keenly the hostels are wanted and needed. We’ll be galvanising commitment from local government, companies and commmunities to take this challenge on, with support from donor partners.

For now, we welcome you to transport yourself to Nyang’oro village in Iringa, to share the joy of the launch and experience what the hostel means for the girls and their community.